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As business owner who wears a lot of hats, product photography is not one of the hats I wear well.  Enter Molly at WebGem.  Molly has delivered product images for several of my collections and I could not be happier with the quality of her work. She doesn’t just know photography, she knows jewelry.  Always making sure metals and gemstones are looking their best and most accurate.  Her work is constantly top notch and she is a joy to work with. Always timely with turn around and wonderful with communication.  She keeps my product photos looking clean, crisp, and consistent.  A necessity for keeping my website looking beautiful and professional.  

-Amanda Hunt

Amanda Hunt Jewelry


I thank my lucky stars for Molly and her excellent work! She fills a perfect niche for jewelry businesses website, graphics, and editing needs for their online or social media presence. In addition to being a total sweetheart she is fast, efficient, communicative, genuine, and has an excellent eye for detail. Molly is a problem solver and maintains enthusiasm and positivity through the process and each project. All the praise is deserved twice over. Can’t recommend working with her enough - I am thrilled to have her on my team.

- Jen

Jen Leddy Studios

Molly has been a godsend! Her work is exactly what we needed to take Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design to the next level. Her photography is outstanding and her specialization in shooting jewelry is obvious in the quality of her finished model and product photos. In addition to scheduling, coordinating and serving as the photographer on photo shoots, Molly updates our website and our LookBooks. She is incredibly responsive and has been able to bring all my ideas  to fruition. She works quickly and her fees are very fair. I can’t say enough great things about WebGem!

- Emily

Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design


Molly has been an integral part of growing my business online. I rely on her for nearly all web-related aspects of my business and without her my daily task list just wouldn’t get done. She’s reliable, independent, and has a mind like a steel trap – the kind of help everyone needs. I look forward to many more years of coordination and work with Molly! 

- Tura

Tura Sugden Fine Jewelry


Working with Molly was one of the best decisions I have made since starting my jewelry business. As a one woman show with two small children and limited bandwidth I realized I needed to outsource wherever possible. Molly came highly recommended by other trusted jewelry industry professionals and I was immediately able to see why! WebGem produces beautiful quality product photography for my website as well as rich and professional looking line sheets that have helped me to expand my wholesale business.  Molly is pleasant, efficient, responsive and timely in turning projects around and her high caliber work speaks for itself! I would highly recommend Molly's services to anyone looking to elevate their visual marketing game. Not sure what I would do without her!

-Lindsay Knox

Ladha Jewelry


Molly is such a pleasure to work with. She's been retouching my jewelry images for years and is always so responsive and professional.  Molly is such a skilled retoucher and her knowledge of jewelry photography shows in her ability to make the jewelry look its best. She's always willing to fine tune the images per the designers request and does it in a timely fashion. Molly always makes my work look it's best!

-MaryEllen Hendricks

Freelance Photographer


Time is the most valuable asset a maker possesses. Molly was able to give me back more of my own time by removing the burden of administrative and behind the scenes tasks from my plate. I can focus more on designing and creating, rather than editing images and line sheets, and doing website maintenance, which I'd much rather avoid. I can leave it to her, knowing it will be done well and to my desired specifications.

- Nichole

Acanthus Jewelry


Molly is a true pleasure to work with! She knows just what I need to be done. From taking photos of my work, editing images to look their best, making beautiful line sheets, to updating my website. She immediately understood my brand and sense of style and translated that throughout the work she has done for me. Professional, timely, and extremely knowledgeable in all things jewelry are just a few of the praises I have for Molly and her business! She fills a very important part of my business that is best left to a pro like her! I highly recommend her for any and all of these parts of your business! 

- Sam

Sam Woehrmann


Molly has been an integral part of helping our website grow over the last year. She has enhanced the look of the imagery on our site and is helping us to achieve our goals for our overall vision of our brand. Molly works in a timely fashion and is always available when we need her help. Her extensive knowledge of jewelry helps her to truly understand the subtleties of how a gemstone or gold value should translate onto the digital screen or for use in a print medium.  We highly recommend Molly for her photo editing services. 

-Dawn & Team

Peridot Fine Jewelry


I knew immediately upon meeting Molly that working with her was going to be a dream. Not only is she a complete sweetheart, she is SO talented and knows EXACTLY what she is doing! She captured my jewelry pieces in ways that I didn’t know were possible. She completely understood my vision and photographed it beautifully. Look no further- Molly is going to be my “forever go-to!”

-Hayley Freeman

Hayley Elise Jewellery


Hiring Molly to keep my website looking its best is the single best thing I ever did for my business.

Thank god for Molly at WebGem or my website might languish in dark corners of the internet that would never see the light of day. People would recoil in horror from the pixelated images, uneven presentation, and, oh god, is that banner image five years out of date? *shudder*

Just knowing that my visual merchandising is in her capable hands lets me keep my mind on other projects, like making and designing jewelry (you know, my job?). I breathe a sweet sigh of relief every time I read her latest email telling me that another project is done, in the bag, finito. Alt tags on my website images? She’s on the case. Making all of the rings appear to be the same size and in a line on the page? Right-o! Pointing out that my copy could be formatted better? Oh yes ma’am. And she does it all with professionalism, good humor, and, dare I say it, pizazz.

- Sharon

Sharon Z Jewelry

I've used many web designers in the past and working with Molly was by far the best experience I've had. From start to finish, Molly was readily available with quick solutions, creative ideas and kept things on track and on budget. I cant' recommend her enough!

- Alisha

Alisha Louise Designs

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