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I am a studier, a seller,  a previous maker, and a life-long collector.



I got started in this industry the same way everyone did – 10,000 tiny little beads lost in my parents’ carpet, wire wrapping, and learning to solder on a piece of scrap wood. Saying I had an interest for jewelry at an early age would be an understatement.


After two years studying metalsmithing, a handful of cheesy business names, and a couple of Etsy stores, I realized my place in this industry was not behind the bench. I began my new path at a fine jewelry boutique in retail sales, photography, and website management.

With a goal to work with artists directly, I entered the world of wholesale. I met jewelry makers from all over the world, each with collections that made me swoon. I learned about their businesses, helped tweak their photos, shared bottles of wine, and realized this community was missing a very crucial role: the behind-the-scenes help. ​​

WebGem is the combination of my experience in wholesale and retail sales with my expertise in jewelry photography, design, and website management. Built on the idea that web, design, and photography services should be outsourced within your industry, WebGem is equipped and dedicated to building and strengthening your brand. 

WebGem is based in Minneapolis, but works with artists across the nation. Our team includes Lynn Stoneking, a dedicated freelancer and Nordstrom Jewelry Manager, and one very cute office cat, Stevie.

I look forward to hearing from you!

- Molly Slough, Owner

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