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Molly got her start in the industry the same way most people did – 10,000 tiny little beads lost in her parents’ carpet, wire wrapping, and learning to solder on a piece of scrap wood. Saying she had an interest for jewelry at an early age would be an understatement.


Upon moving to Minneapolis in 2012, Molly expanded her love for jewelry when she started working at an artisan fine jewelry boutique, where she enjoyed retail sales, and developed the craft of jewelry photography.


With a goal to work with artists directly, Molly entered the world of wholesale where she had the opportunity to meet jewelry makers from all over the world. She fell in love with new collections, shared bottles of wine, and discovered the industry’s need for behind the scenes help.


In 2016 Molly combined her knowledge of retail and wholesale jewelry sales with her developing expertise in jewelry photography to create WebGem - a behind the scenes service specifically tailored to the jewelry industry.


Today WebGem offers product and stylized photography for jewelry artists and stores, as well as a handful of additional projects including photo editing, website help, and line sheets.

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